The date of the first meeting of the members was April 3, 1962. This meeting was held at the Chamber of Commerce Building in Fort Smith, Ar.

The founders of the club were Paul Tucker, Gerald Meek, Ben Tankersley and Robert Fowler. The Idea of forming a club came about because antique car license were only issued to people who were members of an antique car club.

The first officers were:
President: Paul Tucker
Vice President: Gerald Meek
Secretary: Young Osburn
Treasurer: T.W.Brown

A decision was made to meet the third Thursday of each month. This date was chosen because it seemed to conflict less with other club and church meetings.

Some of the early meetings were held at KWHN radio station and they also held meetings in different members homes.

Today the meetings are held at Creekmore Park in Fort Smith still on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

FSAAC became affiliated with MOTAA in February, 1963.

The Club is a non profit organization.

For many years the club sponsored an open car show each year.

2021 Officers:
President: Donna Redding
Vice President: Carl Albertson
Treasurer: Ron Plunkett
Secretary: Martha Jones
Newsletter Editor: Donna Redding
Communications: Donna Redding
MOTTA Rep.: Dale Johnson

Wayne Weir, Bob Clifton, Carl Moore, George Eldridge, Jr., Martin L. Stouffer, Ford Hinkle, Robert Fowler, Robert Viguet, T.W. Brown, Wayne Kistler, Frank Hug, Thomas Lee Cloud, Art Robertson, Bob Vick, Gerald Meek, Leon Hayes, John Hayes, Jack Blair, Paul Tucker, Young Osburn, John Marrs, John Rye, John Dawson, Chip Brown, James Downs, J.O. Downs, Bill Kelso, Frank Jedlicka, Tom Brown, Sr, Bob McCann, Danny Ross, Dr. H.E. Jones, Floyd Nance.

Anyone interested in the preservation and restoration of antique automobiles are invited to become members. Owning an antique automobile is not a requirement to become a member.

The club has many activities throughout the year including pie suppers, chili suppers, picnics, and tours to various restaurants. The club also participates in various parades throughout the year.

With $20.00 per year membership dues, each member receives a monthly newsletter with informative articles.

For further information please send email to